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Vancouver's Carpentry and siding renovation specialists

Since my youngest years, I dreamt of becoming a tradesman carpenter and, when the experience would be sufficient, a contractor. The passion for handy work has been running in the family for countless generations.
For me, there has always been one option: To honour my fathers by keeping the flame alive. This is what I proudly do on a daily basis. My professional journey started over 17 years ago when I got my carpenter certificate at L’E.M.O.I.C.Q in Quebec City. Since then, I have never stopped learning and improving my skills motivated by the passion of the trade.

I waited until 2018 to open this business in Vancouver to get as much experience as possible from my mentors to offer a real professional experience to my future customers. Since the beginning, I made sure to be surrounded by people that share my view and passion. All our employees are trained and care about the product they deliver.

Our primary focuses are quality, honesty and reliability over everything.  We know how important your house is for you, and we are thoughtful and caring to ensure a smooth experience. We know you have enough on your plate and pride ourselves in having a stress-free renovation. The last thing you want is a non-reliable and not trustworthy contractor.

With Awesome Exteriors, no babysitting is required. We document everything we do on your house and fix water damages or structural deficiencies ourselves because we are professional carpenters—so no need to hire another contractor that will charge you over expensive rates. We also have a certified electrician in the team, so we can perform any electrical work without hiring another contractor that will again charge you way more than we will. 

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Do you need help with your exterior renovation project in Vancouver? Call us +1-604-999-0053!

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