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The 3 Most Crucial Things To Consider Before Making Exterior Renovations in Vancouver

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Have you ever visited a place and one building has suddenly caught your attention? It happens when a building has a beautiful exterior design. People worldwide take special care while designing the exterior of their house as it represents the community and the people living there.

Here are the top three crucial things to consider before doing exterior renovations in Vancouver.

1. Plan a Renovation Budget

Once you have decided on exterior renovation in Vancouver, the first question to consider is how much do exterior renovation costs? The answer depends on the size and the kind of renovation you want. In Vancouver, Canada, the average cost of external renovation of a single-story building with 2 to 3 bedrooms is approximately $13,000 (CAD). But always keep one thing in mind that the price is very likely to overrun. So, the first crucial thing to consider before making an external renovation in Vancouver is to create a budget range. For example, you may consider a budget of $11,000 - $14,000 or $8,000 - $9,000. A range instead of one fixed price will help keep the project within the budget, set expectations for you and your contractor, and reduce everyone’s stress overall.

In most cases, the exterior home renovation expenses tend to be double of planned cost. That is because there are always surprises when you start opening up floors and tearing the wall. Naturally, this shoots up the exterior home renovation cost, so be prepared for a cost overrun.

2. Have a Concept of the Final Vision

So, if you have decided to renovate the exterior of your house, it means either your house exterior design is too old-fashioned, or it has torn apart or damaged. Whatever the case is, you must expect the final output of exterior home renovation so, further, clarify what you exactly want. Once you have a clear picture of your house exterior, you can communicate it to the carpenter. Then they will be able to convert your expectation into reality, and they may even add in some amazing ideas you have not considered yet. Moreover, having a clear vision of the final out will also help you purchase the materials you need.

3. Time Your Exterior Renovation Carefully

The timing is critical during exterior home design because you or your contractor will be primarily working under open skies. The weather in Vancouver is perfect in summer for outside housework, but the temperature goes below the freezing level in winter. In addition, in winter, there is frequent snowfall and the occasional wet day. Therefore, it is better to renovate your home exterior in the spring or summer with less rain. It will speed up the renovation process and avoid damage.


Exterior home renovation is a complex and daunting task. Therefore, you need to plan it meticulously. You need to carefully consider the exterior renovation budget and consider a budget range rather than a fixed price. In addition, you should have a vision of the design outcome. Last but not least, the timing of the renovation is certainly essential. So, carefully choose the days of the year in which you want to renovate the exterior of your house.


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