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Deck Framing

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The deck structure connect different structural elements including support posts, beams, joists, stairs, railguards to create the outline and structure for a deck. There are many steps involved to frame a deck properly so that it will support weight and remain standing for years to come.

Vancouver homeowners may struggle to find the right vendor for deck framing at their home. Using proper fasteners and materials while having extensive knowledge about weight transfer and bearing points isn’t something an average carpenter can do. An understanding of the Canadian code is also extremely important, not to mention making sure that a new deck will survive the elements in Vancouver, BC.

At Awesome Exteriors inc., our deck framings are built to last. The team of experts is led by Louis, the owner, who has nearly two decades of experience in the industry. He and the team know exactly what materials to use, how to consider specific needs and existing home design, and what will impact your home’s value.

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